green hummingbird on girls arm

green hummingbird on girls arm

This take on a hummingbird tattoo uses black line work to create an outline and the intricate feather detail work. Placing this tattoo on the underside of the arm makes it very visible, and it is a great area to place a tattoo for a reminder of its personal meaning and sentiment. Because of the high visibility placement, arm tattoos should be given a lot of thought before getting inked. The bird tattoo itself uses a photo-realistic styling that gives life to the hummingbird. The chosen colors–greens, yellows, oranges, and blues—fade into one another to give the hummingbird even more realism. Fading also helps create the detail within the feathers. Characteristic of the hummingbird itself, this bird tattoo has an element of hovering mid-flight that helps capture its lifelike quality. The hummingbird epitomizes airiness and optimism, creating a whimsical and meaningful bird tattoo.

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